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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
(+46) 322.170.71

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About Us

Holy Trails is a small family-owned Peruvian rider-owned outfitter and provider of epic experiences on bikes! We are passionate about exploring, finding and sharing experiences of trails in Peru. We focus on providing big adventures to small groups!

Holy Trails is the brainchild of Diego Pacífico Sarmiento who started Holy Trails MTB in 2012. Diego has been a large part of the Peruvian biking scene since the early 2000s and is an early bike addict as well as a super stoked trail builder, trail- maintainer and rider.

You will perhaps have heard of Peruvian biking epics in the Lima and Sacred Valley area. If not, we will show these to you! Diego and all our guides are experienced, prepared and knowledgable locals who have extensive experience on Peruvian terrain and trails. We know the best singletrack and the best way to link them as tailored to the needs and wants of you, our clients.

Our groups always have guides with first aid knowledge and we have contingency plans to keep you as safe as possible in case of physical, medical or mechanical episodes. Above all, Holy Trails guides are expert riders who know how to have fun and to show you also how to have a blast in Peru! Our guide to group ratio is small so we can ensure we can provide you with excellent service.

The bottom line is that Holy Trails knows how to showcase a tremendously fun and unique Peruvian riding experience. We hope you can join us in this!