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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
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Basic Info


Starts and ends in LIMA, PERU




  • All transport, including airport pick-up and transfers.
  • Private vehicle and driver, plus English speaking local guide.
  • Lima to Cusco return airfare (per the itinerary).
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • All accommodation based on double occupancy.
  • All activities and entrance fees enroute (per the itinerary).


  • Bike shipping and handling or transportation fees charged by carriers or airline.
  • International airfare.
  • Medical, travel, and trip interruption insurance.
  • Passport and visa fees.
  • Activities not included on the trip itinerary.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Souvenirs, laundry, items of a personal nature.


Holy Trails is also the distributor of Devinci Bikes in Ecuador. Don’t want to bring your own bike? No problem. Use our Canadian made Devinci bikes: $90/tour.


We have travelled in many places around the world including for example, Whistler Canada. We can say that Peru trails are very hard on bikes. Harder than probably most other places you can imagine. Pinkbike writers Sharon and Lee commented that probably this is because Peruvian trails are so long, so steep and so relentlessly technical. It therefore goes without saying that your bike must be in top condition before you come to Peru for our trip.

While our guides have tools and knowledge of how to carry out simple trail-fixes many of the trails we are riding are not close to populated areas or to bike shops!

One particular thing that has been a problem is altitude and elevation. We may be riding above 4000m on a consistent basis. That kind of altitude difference can play havoc with brakes and suspension. Especially pay attention to ensuring your brakes are bled; any bubbles in your hydraulic brake lines will become massive issues at Peruvian elevations. Suspension setup can also be thrown off by altitude differences. We can help you with setup but it would be prudent to check with your local bike shop about suspension settings before the trip.

Here is a sample checklist of what to bring for you and for your bike

  • tire levers.
  • tire pump.
  • chain lube.
  • derailleur hanger specific to your bike.
  • spare tubes (consider packing more than 1 for big rides).
  • we highly recommend tubeless tire setups particularly with thick sidewall tires(Maxxis Double Down or even DH casing – EXO TR tires will self-destruct on Peruvian trails).
  • if on a tubeless setup; bring a small bottle of tubeless fluid.
  • brake pads preferably of the longest lasting compound you can get.
  • any other parts that you feel are unique to your bike and may be difficult to find at small local bike shops (better safe than sorry).
  • Bike Helmet and armour (the more armour the better if on a DH-itinerary).
  • Hydration Pack.

Your personal gear

We suggest you bring the following at a minimum:

  • 3 sets of riding clothes (laundry facilities are available at some of the
  • bike shoes.
  • bike gloves, 2 sets.
  • waterproof and windproof shell jacket.
  • extra warm layer for any cold days in the alpine.
  • buff/scarf.
  • sunglasses with different lenses for sunny or muddy days.
  • comfortable clothing and shoes for after your rides, or going out for dinners.
  • warm evening clothes.
  • clothes appropriate for high elevation adventures (down jacket, synthetic or merino layers).
  • Toque/beanie for descents (it has snowed at high elevations – we’ll warn you if weather looks iffy).
  • swim suit and towel for hot springs.
  • toiletries.
  • camera and charger.
  • phone charger.
  • electrical adapter, if needed (Peru generally uses the 2 prong North American AC standard.
  • sunscreen.
  • bug spray.


  • Trailforks Peru – (Holy Trails is a regional administrator).
  • Maps Peru University of Texas (Austin) – these maps are geotagged and may be used on mobile but are old data. We may have access to other maps not in this index based on where we are going.