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One day Rides

Single day rides are perfect when your time in Peru is limited but you still want to squeeze some MTB action.

In Lima we offer the following:



This iconic ride in Peru is famous for being one of the biggest drops on earth. The ride starts at Buena Vista at 3,400 meters over sea level and ends in the beach called 'El Huaico' (which means dry river) located 40 kms South from Lima. There is 18 kms of trail descent and 25 kms of a pedal exit out on an amazing dry river. There is also a chance to do the first part more than once. This ride requires a full day.




is a beautiful valley located an hour away from Lima. It offers a variety of trails which can be pedaled uphill for an enduro ride or can be shuttled to maximize descending time. The trails are single tracks and this type of hills have an interesting ecosystem getting completely green between June and September and completely dry the rest of the year. This ride may be done in half a day.




Casta is a small town located in the Lima mountain range. This trail is loads of fun due to its rock gardens and steep sections. This ride requires a full day.



In Cusco we offer a variety of trails in the Sacred Valley. We’ve got fun flowy trails to steep downhill challenging action. It al depends on the biking level and what our friends are looking for. This ride requires a full day.

Multiple Day rides

We offer multiple day rides for those who are coming to Peru for a MTB vacation! Here we combine the best of Lima and Cusco to give you the ultimate Peru experience! This is a tailor made experience built according to the rider’s skills and his riding preferences.  Ride Holy Trail and be healthy.

Chasqui Ride and Race
  • Day 0 – (optional) Meeting Cusco, Cusco city tour, shuttle to Urubamba, Bike build
  • Day 1–  Meeting in Cusco, Shuttle to Urubamba,  Trail recognition, Maras ride.
  • Day 2 –  Trail recognition, training, Rachi Downhill
  • Day 3 – Race Day!
  • Day 4 – Machupichu (optional) or Lares Trail ride.
  • Day 5 – Ride The Holy Trail!
  • Day 6 – Ride Pisac
  • Day 7 – Moray DH
  • Day 8 – Mega and Via Ferrata zip line.
  • Day 9 – Mega training day.
  • Day 10 – Mega Avalanche Race!
  • Day 11 – End of trip. Flights back to Lima depart daily and almost hourly between 6am to 7pm.